Old Brown Glue - THE Liquid Hide Glue

Patrick Edwards explains how his liquid hide glue, Old Brown Glue works.

OBG - Simple repair

Antique furniture repair, reversible animal glue, finish preservation, restoration.
Repaired with Old Brown Glue, The liquid hide glue.

Hide glues - Understanding Reversibility

Simple explanation and example on how hide glue works and how to use its reversibility potential. You can also watch veneering columns to see how reversibility can be used as a asset to a process.

veneering column with Old Brown Glue

Low-Tech method for veneering a column using liquid Hide Glue, by W Patrick Edwards.

Veneering with The liquid hide Glue - Old Brown Glue

Architectural kitchen cabinet Marquetry panels.
By Antique Refinishers, Inc. W. Patrick Edwards & Patrice Lejeune.
Made with Old Brown Glue, The liquid hide glue.

Hot Hide Glue veneering

Veneering a marquetry picture with hide glue on a hot press.

Save Your Hide (Glue)

W. Patrick Edwards from Old Brown Glue explain how you can conserve your excess Hot Hide Glue by drying it and re-humidfy it later when you are ready to use it again.
No more wasted glue.

Vacuum bag veneering with Old Brown Glue

Veneering in a vacuum bag using Old Brown Glue, THE liquid hide glue.

Hide Glue Re-hydratation

Hide Glue Veneered surface restoration with Old Brown Glue, by re-hydration of the animal glue.

Treasure Boxes Mechanisms

Demonstration of secret compartment and mechanism of our marquetry treasure boxes. The boxes were made using Hot Hide Glue and Old Brown Glue.

Piece by Piece Marquetry - Incrustation on Assembly Board

Patrice Lejeune from Antique Refinishers, Inc. and American School of French Marquetry, demonstrate the incrustation of a marquetry following the piece by piece technique or classic method, using aseembly board, sawn veneer and hide glue.
This marquetry panel is part of the "Treasure Box - Series #2" project.